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Report: Prospect Heights apartment houses compare favorably to recent NYC historic districts

A new report commissioned by CuRBA and PHNDC finds that the 107 buildings of the Prospect Heights historic district are in a similar state of original condition as buildings in two other areas recently designated by the Landmarks Preservation Commission as New York City landmark districts, the Morningside Heights Historic District (114 buildings designated 2017) and the Grand Concourse Historic District (78 buildings designated 2011). Factors considered included alteration of primary entrances, replacement of principal doors, replacement of windows, parging and painting of facades, and removal or alteration of corncies. The study found that loss of historic fabric in the Prospect Heights Apartment House District was comparable to, and in some cases less than, these two historic districts recently designated by LPC.

The study was completed in September of 2019 by Andrés Julian Alvarez Davila, a graduate student in architecture at Columbia University. The two landmark districts Mr. Davila studied include buildings of similar type, style and age to those in the Prospect Heights Apartment District. A chart summarizing his comparison of the districts is show below.

Mr. Davila concluded that the Prospect Heights Apartment House District " displays levels of integrity that are at the very least comparable to those of the Grand Concourse or Morningside Heights Historic Districts. The Prospect Heights Apartment House District remains largely intact, retaining its distinct character as an apartment house district and its remarkably cohesive streetscape."

You can read his full report here.

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